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Sample video of the documentary in progress. 

Be a part of our story.


"FREE STATE" is a documentary exploring the lives of residents in New Hampshire, the "Live Free or Die" state.

The main focus is The Free State Project, a group of approximately 10,000 libertarians that moved to New Hampshire in order to affect change, politically and socially.  

Is New Hampshire the freest state in the country? How does it compare to other "free" states? Will the Free State movement prevail against backlash from within their own state? How does living in the Free State community protect a person during times of extreme government overreach? This documentary seeks to answer those questions while traveling across what some have called the most beautiful state in the U.S.


We think this story needs to be told, but we need your help to do it! If you can help with a donation, there are various packages and perks that come along with doing so. Click here to fund this project! And be sure to check out Press about the Free State Documentary.

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Reinita Susman
Reinita produced "The Unseen", a story of four Southern CA businesses who were shut down amid the 2020 lockdowns, and has worked in Hollywood on programs like Waterfront House Hunting and Animal ER.
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Josh Weinhaus
Director of Photography
Josh has previously worked on NOVA for PBS, as well as many other prestigious clients like IBM and The History Channel.


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